Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Vesuvial Desire: Lipsy Mac

I love this mac! Ever since I saw Emma Watson wearing the Burberry mac, I've wanted one. It's such a great update on classic and an easy way to get more 'leather' in my wardrobe. Definitely considering adding this to my basket when I actually have some money, even if it is a bit too pricey for me..

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Up For Discussion: Wedding Guest Style

This week I'm going down to the coast to attend a wedding. I did the typical girl thing of buying the first dress I saw, ending up sending it back, and then panicking. I trawled the net for weeks afterwards trying to find the perfect dress, trying to decide if I wanted something floaty, tight fitting, red, pink, strapless, with a high neckline etc. etc. I got myself so wound up constantly looking for something I didn't know I wanted, that I ended up searching for advice on what a suitable dress for a wedding is. Nearly every blog, magazine and forum I looked at were focusing on telling me exactly what colours I should and shouldn't wear, something I thought didn't even matter that much!

Obviously the big colour I wouldn't even dare to wear to a wedding is white, but there were some women out there who didn't have a problem wearing it or would just call up the bride and ask. Personally if a woman came to my wedding wearing white I would tell them to go home and change! But then colours I would have thought were acceptable were also deemed not. Nude is too close to white, black is macabre and funeral like and apparently red is vulgar and associated with adultery! So I want to know, what do you think is acceptable to wear to a wedding?

Friday, 21 September 2012

Vesuvial Desire: River Island Leopard Print Clutch

River Island Leopard Print Clutch - £25
I've been eyeing up this clutch in River Island for a few weeks, as well as the matching shoes! I think it's so pretty so I decided to buy it to go with my outfit I've picked for a wedding I'm going to next week. I might do a post on it actually as I'm undecided about a couple of things.. Anyway, it's also my birthday tomorrow so I thought I'd treat myself since I've cut down on spending recently!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

All Apologies

So, this post is basically me apologising for being so absent from my blog. I honestly feel like I let people down when I don't post! I just feel like I have no motivation to do anything at the moment, and that's including things away from my blog. I'm not even reading any of my favourite blogs which I absolutely love doing!

It's stupid really, I'm blaming it on lack of money and self esteem (very unlike me!). I am trying to keep some sort of regularity with my Vesuvial Desire and Instagram posts so hopefully I'll be back on track soon.. Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the glorious weather!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Instagram #16

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